9 year old book on dating

02-Nov-2015 08:05

Four of the five have been updated since their first edition, but the average time between editions is 10.4 years.Expecting a raw computer science graduate to build a complex software system is like expecting a raw civil-engineering graduate design a suspension bridge, it simply shouldn't happen.

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These book are about the principles of development.These principles are, by nature, language-agnostic, and for some even paradigm-agnostic (OOP, functional programming, imperative languages).They explain the theory and good ways of the development because, in the end, software is always about getting data, processing it, then outputting it back.Facebook, Twitter, 3D, batch process of accountancy, railway traffic management, launching rockets, etc. Isn't there a difference between modern computing and what was current when those book were written?For example, my 61-year-old teacher explains things very nicely but forgets to take into account all that has been done between when he began to teach 25 years ago and now. Aren't there any more modern books that teach principles and technologies that are closer to current practice?

Or do you consider them to be useful and relevant even today?

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It'd be worth your time to consider why all the titles listed were first published at least 12 years ago, but are still valuable today.