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11-Nov-2015 15:43

Typical of all black productions, they were unable to finish and never paid the vendors for the services they received. Blacks who attempt to make film are entertaining to watch. Part of film school should be dedicated to the black film makers and how fucking stupid they are and how and why we, as a society, carry their films and continue to give them awards for below average work..that's another story.

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I had one guy give me a stolen credit card to pay his music promotion! So true, was doing a tv pilot in Leimert Park , had all the permits, agreed upon fees for the shops , and the night before we shoot XXXX XXXXX (nigger director) and his gang of extornist ( sp) demand more money or they won't let us shoot.And EVERY time, I've gotten a check from a black, it bounced or they put a stop payment on it for some bullshit reason. The second time he came, he tried to stage a fall and said he was going to sue me. I had him on video putting a wet rag down and slipping on it. Budget be dammed we have to come up with more money .One time, early on, I hired a black window washer for my building. Guess signed contracts don't mean anything to these people. I have a friend who is a manager for a restaurant chain that is somewhat high end.Oh and to add flame to the fire , the signs were posted no parking tow away and yet 5 people still parked there and tore down the signs, when we had thier cars towed so that we could put our trucks in , we then had to pay for these people to have their cars retreived. He always complains about blacks coming in, ordering shit, eating half of it then complaining they don't like it and try to get it off the bill.I have spent a great deal of time shooting films in Los Angeles (16 years) and regretfully have to agree with you.No matter how fairly you try to treat blacks, they are never satisfied until they have fucked you over. They want me to do a job for them in Detroit..black music video.

Black businesses rely on a constant flow of new customers because their idea of a 'good deal' precludes any return trade. Realizing what was coming; I thanked them but refused the job.

In the world of the monkeys, the laws of the jungle are extremely clear. The money they promised was great..collecting money from a black outfit is next to impossible.

If they can work themselves into a position of trust, they will steal from you or set you up to be stolen from and then secretly think that you somehow deserve to be ripped off because… Anyway, these crack-heads end up getting a competitor of mine to do the video in Detroit.

I hear later that he got some of his equipment stolen by members of the ‘crew’ and never got all of his money.

They didn’t have insurance, security or the correct permits.

They hired the cousins and other relatives of the rapper artist to work as PA’s and all they did was talk shit to the women back ground players and smoke pot.