Access denied updating a driver

24-Nov-2015 09:19

Hey guys, I just set up Print Management on our virtualized Windows 2008 R2 DC.There's a mix of 50 printers (majority HP, with a mix of Konica Minolta, Ricoh, and Zebra), all installed with the x86 and x64 drivers.

access denied updating a driver-42access denied updating a driver-30

I even took things a step further and enabled the "System/Driver Installation" group policy setting to "Allow non-administrators to install drivers for these device setup classes" though I am not 100% if this policy is even necessary. The clients are all Windows 7 64-bit, and the users are regular users with no local administrator access. There doesn't seem to be a lot of helpful information.Only catch, there is no security tab....(see attached photo).I did follow the steps here to make sure I had the tab on and it does appear on regular folders, just not on external drives. I'd love to be able to access my external files without having to turn on another computer! I take it these devices worked on an older computer? It could be a case of not having up to date drivers for these devices, even though the computer is new (it does happen): I notice the drive in question is formatted using FAT32. If the above solution does not work, Change the setting to disable deny access as shown here. The first command line command I gave you would have reset the file and folder permissions for the entire drive, the second command would have reset the Discretionary Access Control, another set of permissions that, in a way, determines whether you have "clearance" to access to that resource.You may have to go to disk management, and assign a drive letter to it manually: If those don't work, and if you're comfortable using the command prompt, you can try running the takeown command on the drives in question. I did open the cmd as admin and cut and pasted: Works in Safe Mode, well that tidbit is very helpful! Safe mode boots with the mininal system drivers needed. It may also be a third-party application or an item in your startup menu that is interfering. If the setting is "Not Configured" change it to disabled and reboot. I did open the cmd as admin and cut and pasted: Give that a shot -- but I suspect it may not work, as you are able to access the drives in Safe Mode. But because you could get to the drives in Safe Mode, I knew it wasn't a permissions issue.In this case, try opening a command prompt by typing cmd into the search bar, right click and choose Run as administrator, then follow the steps: takeown /f I have 2 desktops with Windows 7 Pro, both with external hard drives attached, but I've never seen this error. But I did want to add, if I boot up in SAFE mode I can access the drives..not normally. Try doing a clean boot and see if that doesn't stop the problem. If new drivers don't fix it, follow the steps on doing a clean boot to identify the possible conflict: I initially was thinking you could change the setting in Group Policy to disable deny access to Removable Storage Classes but I found something regarding HP Pro Books. The link is for Vista but same applies to Win7 Thanks! But I did want to add, if I boot up in SAFE mode I can access the drives..not normally. That indicates a driver or application is preventing you from accessing the devices. The application was blocking all access to the drives, so you couldn't even have changed the permissions if you wanted to. Anyways, most printers are installing perfectly just by adding the network printer wizard and clicking on the printers published in Active Directory. Certain brands of non-HP printers are not adding when the user isn't an Administrator. I would try and push these printers out via Group Policy Preferences, but our DC's aren't replicating policies properly and I'm forced to make due.

Hello, I just bought an HP Prodesk for the office with windows 7.

Whenever I try anything external (camera, hard drive, flipcam) I get the same series of errors.

First it says I don't have rights to view it and I need to click on the "security tab" to give myself access.

I'd check for malware with Malwarebytes, then boot to Safe Mode and do a full system scan with my antivirus. To do a clean boot, run MSCONFIG and click the Startup tab. in the Startup tab you can uncheck anything there except your antivirus program. If that doesn't fix it, there's something we can do with the Services tab, but that one requires more caution, so let's just try the Startup tab first. And I think John C_21's link may have hit on the issue.

If that doesn't help, I wonder what would happen if you clicked the Sharing tab and temporarily gave everybody read access. It certainly would save you the hassle of going through the clean boot process. I uninstalled that program (click on HPs bubble to get access to drives) BUT my computer must have restarted before it was finished.

But whenever I log on or even just go to the home page it gives me a page that says "Access denied", "you are not authorized to access this page". I have read all threads, but i haven't found the correct solution for this problem..