Any disabled dating sites

15-Nov-2015 08:58

As a matter of full disclosure though these are ALL affiliate powered sites.It’s important to explain how so many disabled singles have come to join these sites.

Dating Factory owns a quickly growing database which is global in scope and offers the same disabled singles database in 20+ languages.So while they (the sites) may go by different names your ultimately signing up to be part of the same database when you join any one of the Dating Factory sites for disabled singles.FYI, it is actually quite commonplace these days that when you join a brand your often becoming part of a much larger network.I think what matters most is the level of success that the companies are having attracting members and that’s what I have always based my recommendations on across all interest groups.We are currently looking more deeply into this category of dating sites and hope to offer more information and suggestion by summer 2014.Please check back for updates as we try to gather more hard numbers on total members and sort out this rather complex area of online dating.

Until then I can offer the following general thoughts.

Dating factory offers some of the leading dating site for disabled singles because they have so many webmasters promoting sites for disabled singles.

Dozens of different affiliates promote the niche that serves disabled singles.

It’s one of the particular niches with Dating Factory that has been very successful.

Since this niche is relatively new we promote and share this database as well.

When you search for disabled singles sites you will see dozens of different URL’s on the top search pages which essentially point you to the same singles database just with different brand names.