Bsd usr ports updating permission denied

26-Nov-2015 07:57

That's because now the GDM_LANG variable is set: I like the tabs in terminal windows, and that it recognizes URLs and makes them easy to copy. I want to use Ctrl-tab to move between the tabs, like in Firefox, but can't. I put a gig of RAM into it and put Ubuntu Eee on it. I like Ubuntu, and it's dead easy to use, though I prefer Free BSD's ports system to Linux package management.

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Yesterday I upgraded widmerpool to the latest 6.2-STABLE. Free BSD’s a great OS, but I liked being able to plug in a printer or USB drive and just have it work. Then I switched to Ubuntu, and many things got a lot easier.I'm moving my web site to Drupal so further Free BSD stuff will be posted in individual items.A year and a half ago I started using rxvt unicode as my terminal program.I don't know what I had against gnome-terminal, but for some reason when I started using Gnome I didn't take to it.

rxvt-unicode worked well, but lately I was having some trouble with character set encodings and wasn't sure what the problem was.

I tried gnome-terminal and was delighted to see there is a gnome-terminal kept thinking I wanted to be in plain ASCII, though.

I fixed that by changing my default language in the GDM login window (before logging into GNOME) to Canadian English, and then it all started working right. I used to use Free BSD on a laptop, but I bought an Eee (model 701).

Everything went fine except that the machine refused to get on the network.

Absolutely no packets were getting into or out of the box.

Pings gave the error Now by default everything is allowed through.