Dating for best doctors

28-Oct-2015 00:24

When they arrive to work, when they can leave, eat, use the bathroom, their holidays and everything in between.Be mindful that dating a physician can mean shortened dates, and even cancelations at the last minute.

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It is in our DNA right next to washing our hands 40 times a day.Imagine the following: a romantic dinner at a beautiful candlelit restaurant, a couple deeply in love staring into each other’s eyes, electricity is in the air, and the scents of gourmet dining fills their olfactory bulbs. In fact some would argue it’s easier to separate church and state, just ask King Henry the VIII. Sounds like a bit of a buzz kill to me, but in reality that scenario is not too far from the truth, in fact in a recent survey a majority of physicians expressed difficulty in separating job and love. It’s a pager going off and one of them has to leave.Whenever anyone thinks of dating a physician, three types go through their mind – the first is call room “rambunctiousness” from Grey’s Anatomy, the second is nerdy but adorable guys from Scrubs, and the third is sarcastic but incredibly intelligent from House MD.Unfortunately these are just television shows that make the life of a physician seem sensationalized and fun.

However, when dating a physician you are inevitably going to be exposed to his/her life, and with that come all its idiosyncrasies.

So to help, here is a list of a few things you should know when dating a doctor.

Time is not on our side – The time table of a resident is dictated by their program.

Let us be Late – Inevitably the time we agree to meet is an overestimation.

It’s because we always think things will go perfectly but the day will get complicated by code blues, rapid responses, and admissions.

We don’t want to make you wait but the rule of thumb is always = [45 minutes + original set time].