Dating for young widowers

19-Nov-2015 21:31

Our Compatibility Matching System™ allows us to match members who share core beliefs, attitudes and personality traits – the factors that are really important in building successful relationships. When you sign up to e Harmony, you fill in our Relationship Questionnaire, and with the results we put together your Personality Profile.

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Remember not to make assumptions about people’s situations.Widows and widowers may be young or old, and their previous relationship may have been a difficult one or it may have been wonderful and fulfilling.So it’s important to understand right from the start that someone who has experienced the death of a partner has gone through a profound experience.They may not want to share everything immediately and there may be some things a new partner will never know.Whether you are laid-back or energetic, thoughtful or passionate; e Harmony can help you find someone special At e Harmony the power is in your hands, get matched with people within 30 kilometres from you, throughout the UK, or anywhere in between!Join today and meet like-minded singles in your area At e Harmony we are committed to helping singles find love.

Every one of us is different, and for widows and widowers dating has particular challenges and unique rewards.

Whether you’re a widow or a widower or you’re dating someone whose previous partner has died, these are sensitive issues, and acknowledging them requires an open mind and a kind heart.

That doesn’t mean a new partner can’t be a source of fulfilment and joy in their own right.

At e Harmony we are dedicated to helping you find love, whatever your situation.

Our years of scientific research into what makes relationships successful tell us that compatibility is the key.

With e Harmony you can state your own preferences, but it goes much deeper than that.