Dating guy shy

16-Oct-2015 20:49

This will immediately put a shy guy to ease because he won't feel the burden of being tasked with organizing the date.1) Don't expect a shy guy to make all the plans Even if you manage to get a shy guy to like you and score a date with him, don't expect him to take the lead by making all the plans.A shy guy will lean on you and ask you where you would prefer to go as opposed to an extrovert who will suggest a great place for a date.

Feel free to give him suggestions about quirky date ideas because this is your chance to do something really romantic and interesting at the same time with a guy who is likely to be intellectually inclined.2) Tell a shy guy that he can pick you up Instead of telling you the time at which he will pick you up from your doorstep, a shy guy could ask you whether you want to be picked up or you want to meet somewhere in the middle. Instead, suggest to him that he can pick you up if he likes.A guy who is an introvert may even look at it as being practical and logical, as opposed to being a gentleman and offering to pick you up. This will put him to ease because he may not be too comfortable being upfront about coming to your house to pick you up.3) Give him a confidence booster before you both go on a date It is a good idea to give your shy guy a confidence booster before you actually go on the date.This will help in removing the nervous energy and reduce the awkwardness.For example, you can just send him a text message that you are really looking forward for the date.

Or you could send him a private message on Facebook to show your excitement for the date.

4) Don't announce your dating plans on Facebook Guys who are shy and introverts are not really the best at keeping up with social anxiety.

Dating a shy and introvert guy can be challenging because a girl will need to take the lead and make the first move.

From tips on flirting with him to kissing him and from advice about the clothes you should wear to giving him a hug, this post comes straight to the point.

Intellectual conversations, unlimited sweet romantic moments, cute expressions and honest body language – dating a shy guy is a blissful, enriching and pleasurable experience once a woman learns how to make him comfortable with her.

Don't be afraid to take the lead when it comes to making plans for the actual date.