Dating men with vasectomies

16-Oct-2015 20:28

The testes will still produce sperm, but they can't travel to the penis and are naturally reabsorbed.

On the other hand, there are some men who might feel pressured to have a vasectomy by their partner.You should take some time to talk it through long before stepping into a consultant’s office.Consider it irreversible You cannot go into vasectomy with reversal as a fall back option.A vasectomy reversal is a complex procedure, and the success rates of the operation decrease the longer the period after the initial vasectomy.What vasectomy does and doesn’t do Vasectomy, also known as male sterilisation, is a reliable and permanent form of contraception for men who are sure that they don’t want to father any more children.It doesn’t affect your sex drive or ability to enjoy sex.

You’ll still have erections and produce the same amount of fluid when you ejaculate.

The only difference is that the fluid will not contain sperm.

The snip, the big V – whatever you want to call it - has been around since 1823 when a poor dog was the first to be subjected to the surgery.

It's a rather permanent form of contraception and, that taken into consideration, is one of life’s big decisions.

Consultant Urological Surgeon, Anthony Koupparis, revealed the most commonly asked question when men came in to talk to him was: "It's reversible, right?

" With this in mind, we've discuss some of the myths and uncomfortable truths behind the snip.