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07-Nov-2015 01:53

Shane Steven Allen, 30, appeared in court Wednesday for a preliminary hearing in the case.

The woman told police that Allen punched and kicked her and wouldn’t allow her to leave until her bruises faded.The requested URL /ren/free_dating_online/kansas_free_dating_online_8was not found on this server.Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an Error Document to handle the request.Our clinical staff works under the direction of Dr.Wes Crenshaw, who has specialized in adolescent psychology for his entire practice.We know how to form the critical relationships necessary to improve outcomes, even with difficult teens...

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She said she convinced Allen on her sixth day of captivity to take her back to her sorority house, where she called police.

The investigator who interviewed the woman said she had bruises on at least 14 different areas of her body.

Some people on the KU campus said the incident is another reason why they’re staying off Tinder.“I’ll definitely keep that in mind and look into things before I meet up with someone,” said sophomore Abbi Fuller.“I feel very, very sorry for her and sorry for the situation,” sophomore Mikayla Murrin said.

“It’s crazy, but I just feel like there could have been a lot of signs to get out of a sketchy situation like that.”She said she knows a lot of people who use Tinder to meet people like the student did."I think the protocol is that if you really want to use Tinder to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, I definitely think you should first meet someone in public where there are other people around that can help you if anything wrong does happen," said Malaina Piyassaphan, who said she uses the app.