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31-Oct-2015 16:43

I have talked a lot about Google Ad Sense in the past, and I have also recommended Ad Sense as one of the best contextual ad networks for your blog.

Is that the end of making money via blogging for them?Now that you know my Ad Sense story, I will share with you my experience successfully monetizing a few blogs without using Ad Sense at all, and what can happen if you choose to do the same.Your blogging life becomes more experimental: The best of blogging education comes when you experiment with things.When you experiment with the latest monetization methods, for example, you may find a solution which works perfectly for your niche.It was not from Ad Sense or any other similar ad network.You may be wondering why I would say this since I make lots of money blogging ( $28,000/month as this article is being written), but have you ever seen Ad Sense ads here at Shout Me Loud?

If you happened to stumble upon a previous Shout Me Loud article on my Ad Sense earnings for 4 years, you know that I made almost no money with Ad Sense, compared to other monetization techniques I have used.

The only good thing about Ad Sense is recurring income, which can offer a feeling of security to some degree.

In this article, I will be sharing how having your Ad Sense account banned or not getting Ad Sense approval is not as much of a problem as you may think it is.

Ad Sense is considered to be the best money-making program for bloggers for the following reasons: None of these drawbacks make Ad Sense evil, but these issues do point to the fact that Ad Sense is not as great as you may think it is.

Following are some of the benefits of not using Adsense: Let me start by sharing my own journey with Ad Sense: When I started blogging, I had no idea how to make money from the blog.

I started blogging because of my passion for sharing knowledge & heard about Ad Sense after a few months of blogging, but my first ad income was $47 from a Dreamhost affiliate sale.