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20-Nov-2015 17:13

Along with the famed sheep farming, wine cultivation has become a big part of New Zealand’s culture and economy, and a growing film industry is another a boon to the economy.

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This past winter was exceptionally cold, bringing icy winds and snow to areas in the north that had never seen it before.Although housing costs and taxes on imports do not place New Zealand at the bottom of the cost of living scale, what you get in return is a high quality of life in terms of outdoor pursuits, a low population density, a low crime rate, a society that values time spent with family and friends, and an excellent health care system with very reasonable costs.In fact, the nation’s largest city, Auckland, is consistently rated at the top of the surveys of the most livable cities in the world for these very reasons.Wellington Wellington, at the far end of the North Island from Auckland, is the capital of New Zealand, although it only comes in third in population size.But other than the rare extreme weather event, the mountains get enough snow for skiing and snowboarding in the winter, while lower altitudes only occasionally get snow in the south.If you have Dogfunk’s snowboard jackets, you can take advantage of these conditions.

The north enjoys a climate that is more typical of subtropical islands, and the eastern parts of New Zealand are generally milder than the west, where springtime tends to be windy and rainy.

Summertime is sunny and warm throughout the island nation.

New Zealand is renowned for its scenic beauty, and being an area that is roughly the size of the state of California means that it is all quite accessible.

New Zealand’s 15,134 km (9,404 mi) of coastline, lined with many beautiful beaches, offers plenty of access to the ocean and its bounty, while features that vary from deep fjords in the far south to subtropical kauri forests in the far north, the Southern Alps that dominate the larger South Island, and the volcanoes accompanied by their steamy thermal pools that define the North Island present a surprising amount of natural diversity to enjoy.

With a population of just four million people, even with a booming tourist industry that draws outdoor lovers of all types year round, you will not feel the crush of humanity anywhere in New Zealand.

The pace of life is slower here, the “Kiwis” as the locals are called, are laid back, and the lifestyle, refreshingly simple.