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20-Nov-2015 14:07

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Domain Suggestions Engine serves over ~36 Million suggestions a year.The track that you ended up with was , an electro-pop inspired track that harks back to the good ol’ days of artists like No Doubt.Was there a linkage between the genre and the theme of the single?I've always loved a bit of a female-fronted fuck-you anthem, like Madonna's .Tinder is usually used as a dating App, but you have used it to find a musical collaborator.Can you explain how this came about and how you harnessed Tinder’s power for something that it wasn’t intended to do?

I originally thought Tinder was a bit of cheeky fun for dating - cute if you're really bored, in a new city or whatever - but I don't have a lot of free time and I have even less for small-talking with random strangers, so after an initial flirtation with the app, I was really just messing about with it as a marketing tool, meeting the odd emotionally-stunted investment banker for a really expensive dinner (as you do). Did your collaboration with Fauxplay originally start out as a date, or did you make it clear from the outset that it was purely a musical collaboration?

I noticed loads of guys were posting their business and band websites - I guess to peacock a bit and demonstrate their 'status,' so I thought "why not do the same, just never meet anyone and steer everyone to my music." It completely worked, until I had too many matches to keep up with conversations, so men started reporting me as spam - which is actually hilarious because I wasn't sending mass messages or anything, I was simply not replying in 30 minutes or less. I think I swiped right (Fauxplay isn't hard on the eyes) but then realised he was a producer, so told him we couldn't meet because I don't date musicians.

He replied saying he liked my music and wanted to remix my track , which was quite up my street, so I asked him if he wanted to meet for a drink to discuss tracking together.

To ensure he didn't think it was a date - you can never be too certain a man isn't going to awkwardly throw himself at you and then shame-spiral in the middle of a restaurant - I totally dressed down and went no-makeup post-Pilates (dating advice: if a woman does that, she's super not interested or just REALLY into the gym).

So yeah, I think it was pretty clear from the jump.

Otherwise he's going to be totally shell-shocked by this interview!