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You can feel tingling in your body and receive creative inspirations in your mind.Soft gonging often accompanies yoga, qigong and tai chi sessions.Gongs bring peace and joy in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, yoga studios, schools and at festivals of all types. Sound therapists use the gong to invite the body, mind, and spirit into balance.The healing harmonic vibrations enter the body, where organs and cells vibrate in sympathetic resonance, urging the body to return to its natural, healthy state.While in a meditative state, physical, mental, and emotional stresses are released.If recipients allow the monkey chatter of their left brains to stop, the vibrations will open the right brain to spiritual inspiration from beyond the finite self.

Judy uses the gong and Himalayan singing bowls in group gong meditations, for concerts, special events and church services and in private sessions (contact Judy). The hanging gong is a spiritual instrument, made of metal alloys like those used in church bells and Himalayan brass singing bowls. Their ancient uses were for enlightenment and exorcism of negative spirits.

Ancient Chinese also used the gong to clear the streets for police processionals and to call peasants in from the fields.

The gong will also wash negative emotions out of your body and fill you with love and bliss.

Most newcomers to this are in awe that the vibrations have such an unexpected and awesome impact on the body and mind. Gongs facilitate healing and provide musical entertainment in sound concerts and other events.

Tibetan monks and others around the world use the gong for meditation, celebrations, weddings and funerals.

Gong players also use the gong at grand openings, and at many other special events—even at birthings.