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The line between introversion and lonely loners gets blurry, however, as some introverts do wish they could break out of their shell.

Liberal Finance Minister Mathias Cormann did not rule out that this could include money originating from taxpayer-funded allowances when questioned by reporters on Thursday.Fairfax can reveal $70,000 was paid to the company by MPs from the South Australian lower house and all Western Australia parliamentarians in 2012-13.Liberal NSW and Victorian MPs also use the service but representatives from both parliaments have previously refused to say how much money they spent doing so.Those parliaments are exempt from freedom-of-information legislation.If a crowded cocktail party feels like a holding cell to you, even as you gamely keep up your end of the chatter, chances are you're an introvert.Introverts are drained by social encounters and energized by solitary, often creative pursuits.

Their disposition is frequently misconstrued as shyness, social phobia, or even avoidant personality disorder, but many introverts socialize easily; they just strongly prefer not to.

In fact, the self-styled introvert can be more empathic and interpersonally connected than his or her outgoing counterparts.

Mr Cormann repeated that both parties receive allowances for software.

Federal Liberal MPs pay $2500 a year to use the company's "Feedback" software, money that ultimately comes from taxpayer-funded allowances.

In a statement after Fairfax's story was published on Wednesday, the party said "payments from federal parliamentarians" do not generate a profit for the company.

But MPs across Australia use taxpayer funds to buy the software.