Eclipse updating archives model

21-Nov-2015 13:57

Either one of the following: If you want support for editing .gradle files a compatible Groovy Eclipse installation is required. The Gradle tooling should be usable without Groovy Eclipse, but some functionality (related to editing gradle files) will not work.Documentation for the functionality offered by Eclipse-Integration-Gradle tooling is available from our project's Git Hub Wiki.

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If you follow this installation procedure in a plain Eclipse, this will install the STS Dashboard.This gives you an easy way to subsequently install Groovy Eclipse as well.See instructions on Installing from the STS Dashboard above.Use Update Site Archive for STS from If you have a question that Google can't answer, the best way is to go to the STS forum.The CIS plugin for Eclipse is designed to be used in conjunction with the Caplin Integration Suite of the same version.When creating a new blade project in Eclipse, the project creation wizard will prompt you for the location of the Caplin Integration Suite on your hard drive.

The recommended way of obtaining the plugin is via the Eclipse update site located at: A zipped archive of the update site is provided here for convenience.

The instructions for using the update site or archive can be found in the Clover Eclipse Plugin installation guide.

The Eclipse-Integration-Gradle project brings you developer tooling for Gradle into Eclipse.

It comes with Spring UAA (User Agent Analysis), an optional component that help us to collect some usage data.

This is completely anonymous and helps us to understand better how the tooling is used and how to improve it in the future.

It also comes with the Spring Source Dashboard as an optional component, which brings you up-to-date information about Spring Source-related projects as well as an easy-to-use extension install to get additional tooling add-ons, like the tc Server Integration for Eclipse, the Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse, Grails IDE and Groovy Eclipse.