Etiquette on internet dating

25-Nov-2015 12:38

It will get you back to your children quicker then having to move this entire line. I did not want to inconvenience the 20 cars behind us.She expresses her disagreement by calling me filthy names, insulting my character and my appearance. I told her, “I’m sorry you’re having a bad day and God Bless”. As I did, I heard the faint echo’s of: “You f****ing c****, I have your license number, you’re reported!

I know I handled this horribly…fellow e-hellians, how would you politely deal with people like this?I live in a private development with a drive-up security gate in a high tourism area.On a holiday weekend, we can expect a backlog of cars of people visiting their vacation homes.This past weekend I pulled into the line of cars waiting to be let in. My first mistake was not noticing the line was out of this lane, and I unintentionally cut in the line.I was not aware of this though, until the passenger in the car behind me got out and approached my car.She wasn’t happy, and in a rush, her kids were sick. I apologized that I didn’t notice and instantly looked behind us to see if I could back out and let her in.

There were so many cars behind us at that point, reversing was going to require the whole line to move and would take a good couple of minutes.

I suggested to her, I’m really sorry for cutting, it wasn’t intentional, but can I just go?

I’m a resident and will take me 2 seconds to get through security.

It’s obvious she was having a horrible day or just an angry person.

Understandable my actions might have contributed to that, although I admitted my mistake and was remorseful and apologetic as I could be. 0706-16I’m at a loss on how to respond to this situation.

I am moving from my current city to New York, about a 5 hour drive away.