Found boyfriend dating website

22-Oct-2015 14:03

They can’t build a good life in where they come from. The United Sates is viewed as the land of equal opportunity where people can work and make good money.Some of them are sponsored by their American parents or siblings.

Q: My boyfriend recently joined an adult dating and I found out.So I decided to take it upon myself to make up a fake profile and start talking to him. Why would you want to stay in a relationship with someone who is still looking and is ready to cheat?When I asked if he was in a relationship he stated no. Should I continue to talk or confront him about it? The only talking I think you should do is to say “goodbye.” Be grateful he’s a dumb cheat so you didn’t waste any more time on him.A single American man is considered as a foreign woman’s ticket to a better life. By seeing how great American men are from the media, foreign women dream about living in the United States of America. They don’t know that they have to sacrifice many things to be able to live on this “land of opportunity”.They want to marry a submissive woman who must know the role of being a wife, a mother.Most modern women in America are smart but they are not submissive which turn off many guys.

So, these single men in the US turn their back to traditional women for marriage and foreign women (mostly Asian and Russian women) are the best choice.

International single women from developing countries consider marrying an American husband as a ticket to a better life.

They want to marry American man so they can migrate to the greatest country on the world. They think the US is heaven where rich people live in luxury houses, drive cool cars, talk and treat politely and respectfully with each other.

They thought right on some parts but wrong on some parts about America. Most international women come from developed countries feel regret when they migrate to the US.

Foreign single women from poor countries admitted that they made the right decision to migrate here.

American men are actually looking for traditional international women for marriage.