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Life insurance really is a good idea when you consider the expenses of burying a deceased loved one combined with liabilities from unpaid expenses.This type of joint life insurance is reserved for those couples wanting to protect their estates after they are gone.It is less common than the first death policy for obvious reasons.Regardless of whether you opt for a joint policy or two single policies, always remember to provide full disclosure of any medical conditions you are suffering at the time of your application.Most insurance companies offer two different types of joint life insurance cover known as “first death” or “second death.” Despite these seemingly morbid terms, both types have very specific purposes behind them.A first death policy pays out a lump sum when one of the partners dies and leaves the other as a survivor.

Couples who choose a first death policy may do so in order to pay off an outstanding mortgage, cover burial and funeral expenses, or just provide maintenance income until the survivor is back on his or her feet.

A second death policy does not pay out until both partners have passed on.

For couples, options include joint life insurance; a specific type of policy designed to cover the death of one of the partners.

Joint life insurance has its advantages and disadvantages.

It is important for couples to research their options thoroughly before deciding on the correct type of cover to purchase.

In the next few paragraphs, we will explain some of the more important things you need to know about joint cover.