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20-Oct-2015 19:40

Last season’s victim was Antonella Barba whose semi-nude photos of herself and pics where she was supposedly giving a guy a blowjob partly cost her a spot in the Top 12. This year, word is spreading that AI finalists Kristy Lee Cook and Amanda Overmyer have their own share of these nasty, racy pics.Kristy Lee Cook scandal Top 12 finalist Cook is said to be involved in a webcam sex stripping scandal.

Amanda Overmyer scandal The National Ledger reported that someone from Overmyer’s home state of Indiana are shopping the pictures to the tabloids and reportedly asking for cash for the alleged nude pictures of the AI finalist.However, it is still not confirmed whether the photos are really out there.Over 5 Years of the Most Pinay Sacandal Videos on the web! Kaplog, the King of Pinay Scandal Sex Videos, didn't get its reputation from slacking rather keeping up with the update almost every 12 hours of Pinay Scandal and Hardcore Videos! the chimpanzee Ham lived for 17 years in the National Zoo in Washington, D. He died at the age of 26 and was buried at the Space Hall of Fame in Alamogordo, NM, where it is not unusual to find a banana placed next to his memorial plaque by an occasional visitor.Sensuality is one of the most adorable attraction of Japanese Dolls.

Mostly, they are portrait as submissive and obedient servants.

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series won’t be complete without a contestant being rumored to have naked photos circulating on the internet.

The Mercury capsule flown by astronaut Gus Grissom was recovered from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean on July 20, 1999.

It was found at a depth of more than 15,000 feet, 3,000 feet deeper than the wreck of the Titanic.

Curt Newport, an undersea salvager who worked on the recovery of the space shuttle Challenger, TWA flight 800, and the Titanic, commanded the expedition.