Jewish sex eebcam

18-Oct-2015 23:16

I have long argued that sex is not something that can or should be tamed but channeled, not suppressed but sublimated.Alone among the religions of the world, Judaism embraces the human sexual instinct as pleasurable, erotic, and not merely procreative.

And if a wife is fine with her husband taking pictures of her changing, who cares?Now comes the painful news that a well-known Rabbi in the nation's capital was using other men's wives as his webcam girls. Few stories over the past years have been as serious with regards to male religious violation of women and action is required.The pain of the victims is unimaginable as is the culprit's family. A comprehensive review of male access to the female mikveh must be undertaken so that all women feel and know that the mikveh is an inviolable place of religious privacy and spiritual security.Women go to the mikveh (Jewish ritual immersion bath) to feel spiritually and physically rejuvenated. This sorrowful story also highlights the need to accelerate the establishment of female Halakhic (Jewish legal) authorities so that women can increasingly regulate private feminine Jewish matters.In my book "Kosher Adultery" I suggested that husbands make their wives into webcam girls. We remain sexually healthy when our sexuality is not repressed.Why not cater to the male need for voyeurism by allowing husbands to stare at their knowing wives?

It may not be everyone's cup of tea but then sex is highly personal.

Rather than condemn individual erotic needs as sick, why not cater to it in a kosher way?

I would be lying if I did not say that, however misplaced, I am filled with pity for Rabbi Barry Freundel, a brilliant scholar whose insightful and lucid writings on Jewish ethics I have found informative.

To see a sage and communal leader who spent so many years devoted to a community destroy his life should evoke in the rest of us Rabbis - all of whom are human and fallible - both condemnation and humility.

At any time even virtuous men can drive their lives off a cliff and engage in reprehensible actions that are inexcusably harmful to trusting and virtuous victims.

And few things are more virtuous than a woman who goes to mikveh to establish the holy nature of her marriage.