Joshua harris i kissed dating goodbye book

02-Nov-2015 17:58

Because of all my questions, I started doing what I usually do when I don’t understand something: I researched.My digging led me to a book called by a guy named Joshua Harris.

That decision started a five-year chapter in my life in which I didn’t go out on a single date, didn’t kiss a boy, didn’t so much as hold hands with a member of the opposite sex. I felt free, like I was surrendering the outcome of my love life to God.One day I was planning to carpool with a guy from our singles’ group to a church event in Nashville, and I was harshly reprimanded: “You must do everything you can to avoid the appearance of evil.” I was baffled, and even hurt.Because we happened to be of the opposite sex, riding in a car together would somehow cause our morals to fly out the window?Another time a big group of us, a mixture of guys and girls, were sitting around watching movies together, and someone cracked a joke about “granny panties”.This page is unavailable due to either geographic restrictions or other restrictions in place at this time.NOTE: other restrictions can be a result of our security platform detecting potential malicious activity.

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When I first gave my life to God at age 20, it gave me a whole new perspective on every aspect of my life, including dating.

Finally I could stop the endless cycle of bad dates and heartbreaks!

But about three years after I joined the church, I started to see some troubling trends.

Leadership had changed, and with the change came a feeling of oppression that I had never felt inside the four walls of the church.

The attitude about dating and relationships felt particularly stifling.