Llama sedating

02-Nov-2015 03:13

Llamas and alpacas generally do not destroy fences and can usually be confined behind a 1.5-m or 1.2-m fence, respectively.

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Llamas and alpacas can adapt well to damp climates as long as the temperature does not get too high, and few problems of either footrot or “rain scald” are encountered.

Llamas and alpacas can be housed with other species, including sheep, goats, and horses.

Individual llamas (ideally geldings) have been successfully used as guard animals with sheep flocks and goat herds.

Llamas and alpacas are herd animals and do poorly if isolated from cohorts or other animals; ill animals should be housed with herdmates if appropriate.

If sufficient space is available, large groups of males (or females) can be pastured together.

In the presence of nonpregnant females, however, intact males and recently castrated geldings will commonly spend much of their time fighting, typically biting at the ears, neck, and scrotum.