Maryland bans online dating chatting

08-Nov-2015 10:15

Chinese men often don't know how to practice safe sex, Hanna explains, and so many of her friends -- "too many" -- have had abortions.

Most hometown friends her age have already married and started families."Nowadays, a lot of people just want one-night stands.Sex is very important, but for me, it can't be separated from love." She hasn't ruled out seeing Chinese men, but says that the taboos and double standards surrounding sex simply make relationships with them too complicated.Today's China is in the midst of a sexual revolution.There are over 2,000 sex shops openly doing business in Beijing alone, and most of their products are made in China.Prostitution, while technically illegal, is rampant. In 2003, sex blogger Muzi Mei made waves with explicit lovemaking podcasts, and in cities couples displaying physical attention is a common sight.

Though unremarkable in many countries, these developments are significant in China, where extramarital sex was a criminal offense just three decades ago.

Yet the country's sexual revolution is still incomplete.

When Hanna, a 26 year old woman from China's Hebei Province, asked her parents where she came from as a little girl, they said they found her in a trash can.

Even now, everything she knows about sex she learned from chatting with her girlfriends.

Their parents never mentioned the topic, nor did their teachers.

"They think it's ugly," Hanna says, "but it's a problem that they always hide sex." The lack of knowledge makes dating difficult.