Naked speed dating

24-Oct-2015 07:57

Speed dating is a quick, fun and easy way to meet like minded singles who are looking to meet new people and find that special someone.

Within 5 minutes you will know whether you are attracted to them, have a lot in common with them, how funny they are, etc.The concept of speed dating was built on this scientific phenomenon, our brains are incredibly efficient in processing new information at a moments notice, without us having to even think about it.We usually can get a “feel” of what a person is like in a short amount of time.The are millions of single people in Sydney alone and a lot of them are struggling to find that special someone.Sure there are apps and online dating sites that promise you will find love but they are not without their frustrating challenges and downfalls. Register now to get updates on our upcoming events!Sunday Speed Dating (Ages 32 – 44) – 31/JULY/16 No better way to end a crazy weekend than to come to our speed dating Sunday event.

Our Sunday events are a great way to meet some of Sydney’s most stylish and sexy singles in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere.

Enjoy a sparkling wine and off course some flirty banter as you speed dating your way through 10 to 10. We all want to leave the best impression possible when it comes first dates, there are many things to consider when organizing to meet up with a potential partner.

Singles Speed Dating (Ages 42 – 52) – 19/JULY/16 Are you looking for love, Our singles speed dating events match you up with like minded singles who want to meet someone like you!

Speed date your way through 10 to 14 mini-dates in 3 hours as we host our Singles speed dating event.

Professionals Speed Dating (Ages 22 – 34) – 26/JULY/16 Join us for a night of great conversation, flirty banter and sparkling wine as we host our Professionals speed dating event.

Speed date your way through 10 to 12 mini-dates in 2 hours.