Nj dating coach

16-Oct-2015 16:10

The more I shared my story of how I went form dating disaster to dating master the more I was encouraged to write a book & share what I have learned with others.I created Smarter Dating to share the mindset, skills & strategies a woman needs to find, attract and recognize the right man without any of the frustration, games and drama that most single women are used to.

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You didn't have anything to do with Joe coming back into my life, you had ALL to do with the clarity I gained in my essential needs and from learning that, I was able to get my head out of the clouds (albeit, only briefly!"We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love!" -Tom Robbins, Author "God Helps Those Who Help Themselves" -Ben Franklin I didn't set out to be an expert on dating & relationships. Ever since I was a lil boy I wanted to help people.But after practicing one-on-one for several years a part of me knew that I should be doing more with my life and the best way to do that was to serve and help more people.Hi, My name is Joe Amoia & I am the founder & creator of Smarter Dating For Women and the Quantum Leap Ultimate Relationship Program, both of which feature the , the same formula I used to find and attract my wife in less than 3 months My knowledge and skills of dating and human behavior comes from my 17 years of being a doctor and working with my practice members.) long enough to evaluate whether Joe met all of those non-negotiable needs of mine.

After realizing that he did, there was NO holding back! Knowing the non-negotiables and realizing that the person you are involved with meets those core needs truly removes any fears of moving forward and there is no fear of being your true self with that person.

There is no underlying, nagging uncertainty about it.

Once I realized that, it was such a relief to know I am with the right person for me. Pamela I have learned so much about Dating & Myself (not to mention the poor chocies I have made). You have shown me how to change my thinking patterns & as a result put msyelf in postion to win.

You were right they taught us everyhting in school but how to create a great and successful relationship.

I never thought it was possible for me, but now I know it is..

I just had my 3rd date with a guy I met online & I am amazed at how easy & stress free dating now is. Thank you for giving me the mindset & tools I need to win the dating game.