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16-Oct-2015 03:46

Thanks:) Michał 【your name】Michał【your mother tongue】Polish; fluent in English & Japanese【Language you study】French, German, Spanish, Dutch【Skype ID】bryniek93I'm a real beginner when it comes to Spanish and Dutch, but I'll do my best! thecrazydeviant 【your name】Paula【your mother tongue】English, Traditional Mandarin (Taiwanese)【Language you study】Japanese【Skype ID】paulatran.ubcどうぞよろしく!I am eager to learn, so don't hesitate to contact me :) 1 【your name】Truong【your mother tongue】Vietnamese【Language you study】Japanese, English , Chinese【Skype ID】txxl703I'd like to learn more Japanese, and I'd be glad to make friends with all. Larissawu066 【your name】Larissa【your mother tongue】Chinese【Language you study】English【Skype ID】Larissawu066Tell me that you are here from Lang-8 before skype me:) thanks!

neo 【your name】giovanni【your mother tongue】italian【Language you study】english【Skype ID】birilubina Tell me that you are here from Lang-8 before skype me:) thanks! Hiro [name] Hiro[mother tongue] Japanese[language I study] English[skype id] live:marseille10_1Hi there. Feel free to add me even though you're not French, I'd love to get to know people from all around the world.However I'd only like to get some help with the pronunciation part and some words. I'll be happy to help in French, eventually English.But anyone who feels like talking to me, feel free to add me on skype. On top of that, we can just have fun and also exchange randomly in Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and complete survival Italian, German, Portuguese, Hungarian and Russian.:) Ju Li 【your name】Lien【your mother tongue】Vietnamese【Language you study】English【Skype ID】lien.tran136I want to improve my English speaking skills. David 【your name】David【your mother tongue】Norwegian, but also English【Language you study】Japanese【Skype ID】rage_play If anyone wants to practice their Norwegian or English, feel free to hit me up! So feel free to add me【your name】Lonar【your mother tongue】vietnamese【Language you study】Japanese, English 【Skype ID】trang.lonar213 Matt 【your name】Matt【your mother tongue】English【Language you study】Japanese【Skype ID】matty.b112Hey!I'm interested in every countries and am also trying to improve my spoken English: D Koraleva 【your name】Khaoula【your mother tongue】Arabic / French【Language you study】Spanish (Beginner) / English (Advanced)【Skype ID】khaoukha17 I don't use Skype but if you want to chat with me just let me know and I'll activate it. Emmet 【your name】 Emmet 【your mother tongue】English【Language you study】Swedish/German【Skype ID】Emmet Hall / finalshadow32 (its from gaming)In particular looking to speak Swedish (~C1)!su su 【your name】theu【your mother tongue】vietnamese【Language you study】english【Skype ID】susunguyen2995i saw all your profile but i don't find anyone who want to learn Vietnamese. although i speak English not well , i try my best to understand what you saidlet's be friends taka1224 【your name】Takaya【your mother tongue】Japanese【Language you study】English【Skype ID】s126450Hello! If you add me please just say in the message that you found me here so I know its not spam!

Fanni 【your name】Fanni【your mother tongue】Hungarian【Language you study】English, German【Skype ID】fanta.narancs3 Hello internet or whoever reading this.

I'm particularly looking for german speakers since I've just begun to learn this language. charljulien5 【your name】Charles【your mother tongue】Français, can offer English【Language you study】Magyarul, Nederlands, 日本語【Skype ID】julien.charles88I am experienced on Skype exchange to improve my Hungarian.

aliennes 【your name】Al【your mother tongue】Vietnamese【Language you study】Japanese, English【Skype ID】rei.minmin I really want to improve my Japanese and English so feel free to add me. So, Don't worry if you just started learning Japanese. If you learn Japanese and don't mind, please add me and send a message.

Of course if you're interested in Vietnamese I'll try my best to help ^v^ 【your name】Kodai【your mother tongue】Japanese【Language you study】English【Skype ID】kodai-10-31Hi, there. I will try to teach Japanese as enthusiastic as possible, and please teach me English as return. if you would visit Taipei, Feel free to sent me a message,too.

Now, I have been staying in New Zealand for about a month and half a month since I came here in order to improve my English skill.

Kenzo 【your name】Kenzo【your mother tongue】Japanese【Language you study】English【Skype ID】futo.kenzo Hello, I am Kenzo from Japan.