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18-Nov-2015 13:12

Now, whenever I encounter any more "potentials", I make sure that I let it be known what I want when I'm dating — so they know it's to have a Celibacy gives me a clear mind and judgment while dating.

That lets me know it's just not meant to be, and they were not strong enough to handle me and my choice. Celibacy gives me discipline even when I may have trouble sticking to it.Giphy Now with the weather warming up, I will be honest: I get really feisty.This will be the second spring and summer that will test my devotion to my celibacy vow and not let my hormones cloud my judgment.Over this time, I've grown to embrace and value my celibacy.No one said that it would be easy, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth it. Many view it as possibly the worst thing you could ever practice because they think you'll end up alone with no one will take the time to love you. If you would seriously rather give yourself away in order to avoid being alone, you have some serious insecurities to work through via therapy, prayer, meditation, self-rediscovery, or whatever means necessary.And you aren't picking the right people to be with, either.

I have been celibate now for about almost a year and a half.

The journey at first was not by choice, but because of a situation with my ex.

When it first began, I hated it — but as I continued, I actually started to Giphy After healing from my breakup with my ex, I vowed to myself that I would not mess up the chance to be with a good guy by choosing what's "convenient".

Had I made the decision of choosing a good guy to Although this resulted in the birth of my son — which was a blessing in the midst of my struggles with my ex — I can now use my celibacy to help me focus more on what I need from a relationship apart from sex. I Giphy Instead of being blinded by sex, smooth talk, or a guy's "potential", I'm able to see what that person has to offer behind their "smoke and mirrors" persona.

For example, my ex always bragged about how well he was doing and that he was such a big deal, and I actually believed all the hype about his "potential".

Even the man I'd dated before him had "potential" in my eyes, and I thought being a good woman could motivate him to get it together — which was the dumbest sh*t I could've ever done.