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- Just confidential advice to you that works, helps you see clearly what to do, and get the love and happiness you deserve, e-mailed to you in 24hrs, detailed, personal.

Focusing on Black and interracial partnershops.- au is a new generation of completely free dating and social Internet site that not only provides the usual member profile browsing but also gives you the tools to organize your own s- provides advice, professional help, education, skills, encouragement, support, new ideas, and community with other people, both couples and singles, married and not married, who value happiness and success in marriages and relationships- A collection of love-related articles about romance, dating, sex, marriage, break ups, proposal ideas and much more as well as newsletters, books, gifts, and more--a comprehensive site for people in r- This group has been formed for interested adults to connect with other adults. From how sex can improve your health to the ultimate guide to contraception and the science of a broken heart (ugh, sorry...), check out these resources for everything you want and need to know about love, sex, and romance.There have been laughable dates, periodic tears, and lots of people who feel sorry for her.Here’s how one Greatist writer learned to cope with being single when (almost) everyone else her age had already paired off.Guest Writer Jennifer Kass outlines how to know if you're not setting healthy boundaries in a relationship, plus three crucial steps for becoming your own best advocate.What else can ruin a first date besides bad breath? Researchers analyzed speed-dating interviews and found several factors that predict a lack of connection.

From stargazing, to kayaking, to coffee shop hops, check out this creative list of ways to reconnect with your sweetie without stressing out your wallet.

It's not just about roses and candlelit dinners.

Romance can have a positive (and negative) impact on our health and wellbeing.

On again, off again, then back on—turns out those tumultuous relationships are pretty common among young adults.

But what do they mean for personal development, and is “ex sex” the new normal?

Our romantic partners may not share every interest with us, and that's okay.