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05-Nov-2015 04:29

It tweeted: “Sony, yet another large company, but they aren’t spending the waves of cash they obtain on their customers’ PSN service.End the greed.” It’s worth noting that DDo S attacks are designed to flood a system’s servers with artificially high traffic and not access encrypted information, but rather disrupt access and overwhelm a service to the point where it must shut down.

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The Lizard Squad also spent the weekend hitting other gaming servers like Blizzard Entertainment’s, Riot Games’ “League of Legends,” and Grinding Gear Games’ “Path of Exile.” In 2011, hacker group Lulzsec targeted the same PSN network, exposing the personal information, including passwords and credit card data, of 77 million accounts.The move brought back painful memories for Sony of a serious 2011 breach that exposed the names and passwords of millions of customers on the Play Station Network.While the latest attack wasn’t a significant security flaw in its service, Sunday’s event raises questions whether Sony’s system — which the company sees as a major distribution platform, and thus revenue stream, for video games, movies, TV shows, web series and music — is vulnerable to future hacks.Sony wasn’t alone with Microsoft’s Xbox Live also hit by hackers.“Gaming and social” features were limited Monday with owners of the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles unable to play games online or communicate via chat.It took Sony 24 days to fix the problem, and spent $15 million to settle a class action lawsuit.

Sony execs are sure to be double checking any security holes that need to be plugged in its system after Sunday’s event.

The Play Station Network, which offers up streaming services and access to the Play Station Store to buy and rent movies and other entertainment, is free.

The company said its support team was working “to get these issues fixed ASAP.” “Xbox members, are you having trouble connecting to Party Chat, or running into server unavailability issues within ‘Diablo III? “We are currently working with our partner to get these issues fixed as quickly as possible. We’ll provide an update to you when we have more information.” A hacker group called Lizard Squad on Sunday claimed to take down the PSN via a similar distributed denial of service (DDo S) attack, which prevented users from streaming Netflix movies or playing multiplayer games online via their Play Station Plus accounts due to heavy traffic.

That was before turning its attention to the Xbox Live service.

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On its Twitter feed, Sunday, Lizard Squad posted that it was “preaching” that Sony should be spending more money to protect its customers’ accounts from such hacks.