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26-Nov-2015 02:13

Like if you sell 200 naira lipstick, chances are it wont work out. It was lovely, had my wedding radar on, picking points and taking notes.

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anyhoo if u know these guys i beg tell them to youtube it so it can be embedded this jumpcut thing taya me.Update: Youtube…To think this is the 31st and in a few more hours we will be ringing the doors of 2008.I am very excited about 08 because 8 is one of my fav numbers and its an even year so many good things to come.I decided it would be kinda cool to do a TP products recap, something like… I just wanted to put the word out there that I am looking for new retailers in Naija for the makeup and tshirt lines.I would prefer high end boutiques and beauty places with price points similar to mines.Share: Oh before I start ranting about my exciting news, did I tell you that Toni Payne now sells Lingerie? I am a huge fan of lingerie, I think every woman should own at least 7 different kinds including 2 costumes.. Share: really nothing much to blog about but anyhoo enjoy this new video by Ruggedman.

Its just a total must, role playing is soo much fun and I think costumes help them seem a bit more realistic.. Share: update: I just wanted to say check this out.. I like it, its always interesting to see other peoples perspective and fantastic to see that TP inspired an idea .. some of the items from the TP ice line, the cross is my fav.. My show was moved to next thursday so I plan to have a very relaxing, work free weekend, watching superbad and the likes.. btw did I mention that I realized sometime last week that I am addicted to my Element5 Powdation.. I did not even realize till today he had so many videos out, yeah yeah they all kinda have the same texture and yeah yeah he may not be as interesting to look at as 2face but I love his music and his new videos shows that he at least… ignore the background, I was busy tryna pick dresses for them for the xmas ball..

Im starting to wonder if its possible to be addicted… Share: chilling at the store in surulere, errm can you tell which one of us is the mischivious one.? (joke o) anyhoo, I have another shopping event this weekend for those that will be in the LA area.. Share: Just wrapped up the TC Collection Worlds Aids ay Fashion show and it was lovely..

it ever seems like everyone is arguing with you and no one else maybe its time to contemplate making a change in your own life because you, yourself may be the contributing factor to your angst, only you can change your own situation!

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Share: I really can’t believe how fast 2007 went by.