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27-Oct-2015 01:51

Now that he was comfy and roaming around Rice Auditorium in his white socks, he started talking, and the things he said raised some eyebrows.

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SAC hired professional dating coach Ryan Clauson, at least that’s what the campus wide e-mail advertised.Clauson has been a “dating coach for over 10 years and lectures all across the country on healthy attraction, dating and relationship practices.” The promotional text also said that students would leave the event feeling more capable of finding a great relationship with the help of the tools and secrets Clauson would teach us.Well, if you were at the event, you will know that is not what happened. But for those who did not attend, here’s the run-down. I suppose I’ll start at the very beginning, with the presentation of his physical self.Clauson was dressed casually, in a Hawaiian shirt, baggy ill-fitted pants and tennis shoes that were falling apart.His hair was long but pulled back in a pony-tail, and he had a scraggly beard.Basically, he resembled a homeless person, not an accomplished dating coach of 10 years.

I mentioned the shoes and that’s important because after he had been talking for a few minutes, he randomly took them off. Clauson just took his shoes off and kept them off for the rest of the performance.

This should have been a warning sign for what was coming.

"Professional dating coach" Ryan Clauson gave an unforgettable performance on Feb. Advertised as the Dating Doctor, he took off his shoes, which were falling apart, at the beginning of the show. " week, hosted by Alpha Chi Omega sorority and the Student Activities Council, the Dating Doctor visited campus on Feb. Some students, like me for example, were excited for this particular event.

Clauson also shared with the audience about the homeless people currently living in his house, brought along his Uber driver to the show, talked about 20-second hugs and lastly departed by having the audience get up on stage, count down and yell "world peace! Who doesn’t love to learn about relationships and how to make them better?

I was also excited because I enjoyed a similar show immensely last year, and I was expecting much of the same this year.

Unfortunately, it was nothing like other students and I were expecting.