Reggie bush dating look alike

20-Nov-2015 21:54

Melissa was born Melissa Ann Smith in Toronto, it was before she turned 15 that her family relocated to Michigan where she began to blossom, first in sports. Molinaro is a great gymnast and figure skater, then came acting and singing.

Veronica is sporting quite the sparkler, said to be “a friendship ring.” Some friendship! Is she surprised that a world champion athlete worth millions of dollars has been able to move on to another floozy? A longtime Kardashian insider said Monday, “Kim is one of those people who can’t stand someone having something she wanted — even after she no longer wants it. Sorry Kim, if you don't want your ex-boyfriend moving on to another piece of ass, you're going to have to date someone no other women are interested in. Kim Kardashian's ex-boyfriend, Reggie Bush has announced his girlfriend is expecting.Now that the NFL stars' fans has learned of his good news, many have expressed interest in learning about the lucky lady, who was known for some time only as the "Kim Kardashian look-alike." Lilit Avagyan, like Kardashian is of Armenian descent but besides dating Bush, their similarities end there.I know that you first thought it was Kim K but it wasn’t, so is she her impersonator, not likely but she does look like Kardashian. Almost forgot, as you can see there are videos of her, the first is the Old Navy commercial, second is her music video Dance Floor but the third there is something really interesting that she said about Kim K, don’t miss it!Is this creepy of Reggie, I don’t think he is dating Melissa Molinaro for her resemblance to his ex, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

Reportedly they move in the same circles, got to know each other, one thing led to another and then they are dating!, the pioneers of this story, said Reggie threw her a birthday party at Boa Restaurant in Los Angeles, California earlier this month, she was spotted wearing a very short strapless red dress that showed her beautiful legs, she mixed that up with a black purse and beige heels, Oops fashion fail there!!

New Orleans Saints’ Reggie Bush is allegedly dating a girl who many refer to as Kim Kardashian’s look a-like or Kim K’s impersonator, the truth is that Melissa Molinaro aka Melissa S. Certainly you know about the Super C-U-T-E commercial for Old Navy and her role as Carla in Honey 2, the sequel of that movie with a very young Jessica Alba? I wonder if it would be premature to say that we might also be seeing her at the Saints’ games? If Melissa is really dating Reggie do you think this will last?

or Melissa Smith looks insanely like Reggie’s ex-girlfriend. Do you think it is just a fling or will we be hearing wedding bells soon?

Keep reading to know all the details about this story plus take a look at Melissa’s photos so you can judge for yourself if she and Kim really look alike or not! This 29 year-old Canadian gal is a box full of surprises, you want a singer, you got it! I can’t decide whether to think this is great for him or really pathetic, what is your opinion?

Kim Kardashian and New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush are not getting back together, she is already engaged to Kris Humphries and he is allegedly dating a girl that many of you remember from the Old Navy commercial. Have a closer look into Melissa Molinaro’s pictures and video added below, we also added one of Bush and Kim, you know just to help you out about their resemblance, who looks hotter to you?