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, and at this point we've practically heard half the album."Nothing But Trouble" is the latest single, released this morning via Republic.

Pretty sure that breaks the hearts of a number of avid young fans out there (cough cough Aaron). Shortly after her winning the competition the world's biggest LGBT media congratulated her while mentioning her victory as the first lesbian to win any version of the X Factor in the world.But in the Danish media it has often be discussed that people shouldn't focus on her sexuality but on her singing skills. Sarah (USA) Sarah Perino is an 18 year old, self-taught keyboard artist from Pittsburgh.Her main composition/arranging genre is jazz/new age, with a mix of classical and modern as well. Sarah (The Netherlands) Sarah Geels (Velsen-Zuid, 20 februari 1978) had a hit with Labyrint in the late 90s.Medieval Historical Fiction, Sweet, Christian, & Inspirational Romance.There are several artists known as Sarah: one from Denmark, another from USA, yet another from Saudi Arabia and the last from The Netherlands. Sarah (Denmark) Sarah Skaalum Jørgensen (Born July 6th, 1995), better known as Sarah, rose to fame after winning the fourth season of X Factor in Denmark.

She started singing early, appearing in musicals and joined a musical band when she was 12.

She plays guitar, piano, bass and drums and also loves to draw and paint. She gained worldwide attention mainly because of her being open about her lesbian sexuality at such a young age of 15.

At first it didn’t exactly look like her in the face…

The original I saw didn’t have any names or usernames.

Mackenzie's Cross When Duke Kensington dies, how can a young kitchen maid stand up for what she believes and save her best friend? However, in a land where even the Brotherhood of the Knights are becoming power hungry mongers, how can a young kitchen maid maintain her morals when tempted with all she's never had?

In the end, the truth is even more complicated than Mackenzie had ever imagined.