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You may choose to make a payment via credit card or by troop/pack check.Final participant numbers are requested two weeks before the program.

Participant numbers cannot be changed the day of the program nor can refunds be issued to scouts that choose not to attend on the day of the program.A 50% cancellation fee will be charged to groups cancelling programs less than two weeks in advance of a reserved program date.If you are interested in booking a program, please contact the education department at 414-258-5058, ext. Please provide the following information: group size, number of chaperones, and name/phone number/email of contact person.* Zoological Society membership benefits do not apply towards admission or cost of the program.Fees cover ALL of the following: program cost, zoo admission, and parking.The Animal Habitats badge is NOT included in the price of the program.

Milwaukee County Zoo patches are available for purchase in the Zoo's gift shop.

Visa or Master Card information must be provided at least two weeks before the program date.

If your scout group has “kids’ days off” from school we may be able to schedule additional programs during those times.

Programs are booked based on classroom and instructor availability.

“Kids’ days off” can include the following: Teachers Convention (end of October), Winter Break, Spring Break, Banking Days or Early Release Days.

If your group can only attend a weekend program, please contact the education department at 414-258-5058, ext. If there is demand, additional weekend sessions may be opened.