Slumdog co stars dating

24-Oct-2015 20:11

The two Indian stars denied the rumors at the time.

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Then the gossip got stronger when earlier this year Pinto dumped her fiancé, public relations exec Rohan Antao.And now the 18-year-old actor’s mum Anita has announced the happy news that the couple is blissfully in love.She tells Britain’s Daily Mirror, “First it was the film and now everything else seems to have slotted into place. Freida is really beautiful and I am really happy for them.The Harrow-born actor made this confession ahead of the launch of his new film The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Patel added they were still "incredibly close," describing Pinto as a "really generous, patient human being who has been one of the most impactful people on my life." "A lot of my motivation has come from her, from being with her and knowing her," he said.During that same period of time, 19-year-old Patel and 24-year-old Pinto were promoting their movie and Anil Kapoor, one of the Slumdog co-stars, said that the couple had a ‘magical chemistry’.Now, Patel’s mother, Anita Patel (45-years-old) has confirmed the relationship and that her son flew to Israel to see the oh so hot and possible future Bond Girl Freida Pinto. Dev Patel’s mother has confirmed he is dating his Slumdog Millionaire co-star Freida Pinto — just days after the couple were caught kissing during a romantic night out in Israel.

The actors, who played childhood sweethearts in the Oscar-winning movie, have repeatedly dismissed rumours they are dating off screen, even after their co-star Anil Kapoor hinted they were an item.

Speculation of a romance gained strength earlier this month after the pair was snapped enjoying a few tender moments during a romantic dinner in Tel Aviv, Israel where Pinto is filming new movie Miral.

It’s been confirmed that there is a romantic relationship between Dev Patel and Freida Pinto.

The Slumdog Millionaire romance has been heating up on Pinto’s latest movie set in Israel.

Read about it below and see photos and a video of the beautiful couple below.

There have been rumors of romance between Slumdog Millionaire stars Dev Patel and Freida Pinto earlier this year while they were promoting their Oscar winning movie.