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21-Nov-2015 22:23

Creative Cloud will work the same way that CS6 works today, except it will require an active subscription.When traveling without any Internet connectivity, the software will work for a limited amount of time (something like 30 days) before ceasing to work and requiring you to connect to the Internet.

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I think this is by far the most arrogant and selfish decision on behalf of Adobe.By now you have probably heard about Adobe’s decision to stop development of Adobe Creative Suite (which includes such software as Photoshop and Illustrator) and move to a completely different subscription-only model.In short, Adobe does not want to sell packaged versions of its software anymore and wants you to instead pay for select software packages or the whole Creative Suite on a monthly basis.For example, today you can purchase Adobe Photoshop CS6 for $599 and own the license, which means that you can install it on your computer and use it whenever you want without limitations.With the new Adobe pricing strategy, you will no longer be able to purchase Photoshop that way – you will have to get a $20 per month subscription for using Photoshop alone (or $50 for the whole Creative Suite). Software will be delivered over the Internet and once you get it installed, it will make occasional requests over the Internet to to verify your subscription level.At the same time, Adobe had to fix problems and deliver updates on existing versions for certain modules like Camera RAW that had to be kept up to date due to new camera releases.

At one point, Adobe executives decided to cease the development of Camera RAW on older versions of Creative Suite and only push those updates if you owned the latest version.

So if you bought a new camera and wanted to be able to open up its RAW files, you had no choice but to upgrade.

While I actively use Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom software for my work, I am already considering alternatives at this point.

Not because I find the pricing to be too high, but because I think what Adobe is doing is simply wrong. Historically, Adobe released new versions of Creative Suite software every couple of years.

As new versions of software were rolled out overtime, Adobe had a lot of challenges with getting people to upgrade to the latest version.

Continuous development and innovation are both costly for a software development company, so Adobe worked hard on adding new and useful features to lure people into upgrading.