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21-Nov-2015 03:19

Considering the profiles of some of the folks that post on JEMS one might have hoped that poor old Sparkie would not have been left out in the cold by his lonesome self. If 80% of fire calls are for EMS, why don't you propose that all fire should be under EMS?Why put recruits through a fire academy when pulling hose is less than 20% of what they will do every day?

Should it be a two-tiered response with FD BLS ambulances and FD ALS ambulances?The mission of our restaurant is to serve incredibly good food in an atmosphere that allows our patrons to feel the passion of the brotherhood of firemen.The decor is reminiscent of those firefighters, past and present, who risk their lives in order to serve and protect our communities.We are the perfect place to enjoy dinner for two or to meet many. Formed in 1975 and today more than 30,000 members strong, the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) is the only national association that represents the professional interests of all EMS practitioners."You know, I tried to avoid this thread. I just assumed that my colleagues in EMS would be smart enough to recognize that 'Sparkey' is not real firefighter at all, but only a small handful of you seem to have picked up on the…""This entire thread is nothing but unanswered questions.You see, our fire organizations here in the Valley (San Jose Fire, Cupertino Fire, Santa Clara County fire, to name just a few) have made a conscious decision NOT to buy…""Hey Sparkie, I just returned from the mirror and can confirm that I am who I say I am.

My partner would like the record to indicate that he believes this to be the case as well.

But I DO NOT work in the mythical land of which you speak.

Should it be a three-tiered system with BLS engine companies and FD ALS ambulances?

How about ALS…""Um, if the FFs are there and don't have to be around to respond to fires, aren't they superfluous FFs who aren't really needed? You can spin my words (and the facts) as much as you want, but the outcome has already been written.

If you don't have enough work for them, maybe it would be just as cheap to fire them and hire some…""James you are funny. Any ems system that is not fire based right now soon will be.

Or they will be…""Yes, Sparky - - You understand our system correctly, as incredulous as it is.