The dating game with bob eubanks

16-Nov-2015 08:30

After the questions were asked, the wives were brought back onstage to answer the same questions.A correct match earned the newlywed couple 5 points, but the real fun came when there a match.

And yes, Eubanks did everything to make the situation worse (often using one spouses words against him/her, or even relaying what the spouse said while the other was off-stage); and of course the audience played right along, loving every moment.There was this handsome young man asking four newlywed couples questions about their marriages. "The audience on TV laughed and laughed, and the handsome young host did everything to help make the audience laugh.Sometimes, you saw just the beautiful young ladies; and other times, the good-looking men were on, but they always got back together to talk about their marriages. The people couldn't believe what they were seeing on the TV. forgetting all about , the tell-all game show where four couples – all married less than two years – answered questions about their relationship to win a prize.But they became curious and decided to watch this new show when it came on the next day ... The game was played in two rounds, each with two parts (though never referred to as such).In the first part, the wives were secluded off-stage (when the show first aired, the husbands were secluded off-stage) while host Eubanks posed a series of three questions to the husbands – usually multiple choice or fill-in-the blank, sometimes with more than one answer required."Once upon a time, there was this nice, family TV game show on CBS called Password, wherein teams of two tried to guess words using just one word.

It did very well in the ratings, and was quite educational, too.

"Then, one day – July 11, 1966, to be exact – a CBS News special report about Robert Mc Namara reporting on the Vietnam War pre-empted Password. So, they turned the station to see what else was on.

"Some people saw a game unlike what they had ever seen before.

In the second round, the husbands were taken to the sound-proof room (when the show first aired, the wives were secluded off stage) while the wives were posed the questions, the fourth being a special 25-point bonus question.

Correct matches at this point were worth 10 points (for the first 3 questions).

The special 25-point bonus question – usually general enough so as not to cause an argument, unless that too was incorrect – often determined the day's winner.