Top 10 intimidating college football stadiums

03-Nov-2015 01:06

And if the noise doesn't get to opponents, this will: the sight of Miles holding back his rabid team as they attempt to escape the tunnel and make their entrance.

Here are (arguably) the most imposing stadiums in college football: After a big 2012 victory over South Carolina, LSU head coach Les Miles said his stadium is "the place where opponents' dreams come to die."Tiger Stadium sets the bar for stadium atmosphere every season, and consistently proves a difficult locale for opponents to capture victory.Its moniker has also been "Deaf Valley," so calling the stadium loud is an understatement.To wit, in 1988 against Auburn with approximately 79,000 fans in the stands, the Tigers' late game-winning touchdown sparked cheers so loud they registered as an earthquake at the Louisiana Geological Survey.Now that the stadium has grown to seat over 102,321, all champing at the bit, the atmosphere causes communication problems for teams.» Complete 14 for '14 series What does it take to have a great stadium?Certainly some history, mixed in with a little bit of mystique, combined with a great view and plenty of fans yelling at the top of their lungs.

There are tons of quality places to watch a game at the college level, but here are 14 of the best from all over the country.

As your team steps onto the field you want to make sure your team hears your voice of encouragement.

You fill your lungs up, prepare your noise makers, and you let it all out!

But how does your stadium’s sound of adulation compare to other stadiums?

Let’s find out by looking at 25 of the loudest college football stadiums in the country.

Whether a team is suiting up on a Thursday or getting ready to do battle on a sacred Saturday night, there's an important element of game day that's often overlooked - the stadium itself. The structure - filled with rabid fans with eyes trained on its hallowed field - can have disastrous effects on rival teams.