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30-Oct-2015 16:36

In GTA III, the TW@ café (in Torrington/Newport) has no doors and is only accessible by breaking any of the windows.

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A stunt jump can be completed inside the café through the staircase.The internet is introduced to the player in the mission Logging On where the player has to set up an Eyefind e-mail account. The stores can be robbed by simply opening the cash register and taking from $9 to $199, but doing so will usually result in a one star wanted level.But this can be avoided, if the player crouches behind the counter of the Snack Shop, out of sight and then opens the cash register, no one will notice and will act as if nothing has happened.In Episodes From Liberty City, the computers have new wallpapers: in The Ballad of Gay Tony, a dark background with a silhouette of the Liberty City skyline and the phrase "I ♥ LC," which is a reference to the first mission in the game.The TW9992 is a low power NTSC/PAL analog video decoder that is designed for automotive applications.It supports single-ended, differential and pseudo differential composite video inputs as well as S-Video.

The "TW", in "TW@", stands for "Totally Wireless", as can be seen outside some TW@ Internet Cafés.

This phrase is a take on "Totally where it's at." "TW@" is a reference to twat, which is a British slang term for "vagina", often also used in offensive manner to imply someone is an "idiot".

In GTA Liberty City Stories, due to the earlier setting than GTA III, the TW@ café is only just being constructed.

Its posters state - "Come and see the grand opening of TW@", yet another obscene reference to the British meaning of the word twat.

In GTA IV, the TW@ Internet Cafés have gained notable popularity and at least one can be found on every major island.

TW@ cafés can be used to browse the in-game websites and are accessible from the start of the game.