Updating redhat 9 0

19-Nov-2015 03:25

The Intel i830 video card was handled by the i820 XFree86 driver, with some built-in extensions for the i830.

Note, all the DRI stuff needs to be working for you to get Open GL stuff to work as well as the suspend stuff.The next bit to figure out was the integrated wireless pci card.It uses the prism2 chipset and is supported by the fine folks at Absolute Value Systems, Inc..The syntax, once you've got every thing compile or installed ( I used the rpm's available here for the stock RH8.0 kernels, but had to compile from source when I updated to the 2.4.20 kernel.Anyway, is an example script on how I attach to my Airport network (not *really* and airport but one of those Orinoco access points that *looks* like an Airport, internally).It uses WEP, and that was the tricky bit to figure out the syntax.

You'll probably want to incorporate this into your /etc/init.d scripts but this gives you the basic gist of things. I haven't checked the modem, but when I do I'll post it here.

Also, remember the xx:xx:xx:xx:xx bits of your WEP key is the hexidecimal representation of what would be your Airport "password". Hopefully, it will be a while before I'm unable to find a real network connection.

Overall the install went smoothly from a Red Hat 8.0 DVD (a novelty, as it was the first time I installed Linux from that medium.

It seems not-to-long-ago, that floppy installs were commonplace.) Everything critical came up first try, namely XFree86 came up, and my eepro100 apapter loaded, etc. At first the laptop wouldn't suspend, and I originally had though it was a apm issue, so I futzed with stuff in /etc/sysconfig/apmd for a while, but figured out that it would suspend fine from console but not from X.

Also, I could not CTRL-ALT-F1, etc to get out to console mode.

Well, more specifically, it would go to console but not back, to X without locking the machine.