Who is tamron hall dating now

07-Nov-2015 22:30

O’Donnell is an American political analyst, journalist, actor, producer, writer, and host of The Last Word with Lawrence O' Donnell, Hall became the fourth woman on NBC’s 36-member board of trustees, taking Cosby’s place after he resigned from the board last year as he was facing several sexual assault allegations.And now, to celebrate her victory (or shall we say the couple’s victory), they have decided to get hitched pretty soon, according to our source.

She and Lawrence have been together since 2011 and dating him her entire life is something she does not want to do.It looks like there’s only happiness in store for NBC Host Tamron Hall and long term boyfriend Lawrence O' Donnell. Well, first of all the beautiful and talented national correspondent for NBC News replaced Bill Cosby on Temple’s Board of Trustees.And now, after just a month, it is being rumored that this day-side anchor for MSNBC is getting married to her boyfriend, whom she has been dating for quite a long time now.We got the full scoop on Hall’s soon-to-be wedding with the help of a source close to the couple.The MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall host is said to be celebrating her prominence in NBC by tying the knot to her beloved partner O’Donnell.She wants to be his official wife,” said the insider. There’s a huge age gap between them and she does not want to lose her chance of marrying him.

She has always been worried about her future with him.

He was previously married and divorced once, so a wedding is nothing new for him. She wants to be his one and only.” So as per the gossip monger, Hall is eager to walk down the aisle with her better half.

The informant also informed us that though the rumors of marriage were true, the much loved love birds haven’t had any preparation started for their big day.

“Both Tamron and Lawrence are all set to become bride and groom and the latter totally agrees with the former.

He is as excited as her and wants to take care of the preparation of their wedding.

But they have not started any preps yet as they have only just given this good news to their families and friends and they are expecting ample amount of support and help from all of them,” said the informant.