Who is trey songz dating lauren london

12-Nov-2015 19:05

R&B crooner Trey Songz has been linked to a plethora of various women over the course of his career, but his latest rumored lady love has fans wondering if it’s the real thing, with unconfirmed speculation that Trey is even ready to put a ring on it. Hit the flip for more pics that seem to confirm their coupledom, as well as a few more of Tanaya, to help you decide.

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After spending months beating around the bush and denying anything beyond a friendship, Trey Songz finally let he cat out of the bag and admitted that Weezy babymama-banger Lauren London’s neighbors probably know his name.I love me some Nipsey and Lauren London is very fortunate, or maybe not….Especially since his baby mother is taking shots at her via twitter…We told you about Lauren and Nipsey dating back in February! All West Everything took screen shots of what she posted: The problem is he is still having relations with her and that is why his baby mother is making known to London.. I see Lauren doing her thing, she has Nipsey making songs about her and Trey Songz confirming that Lauren is the only woman he’s ever loved!Well his baby mother Tanisha sent a little message to Lauren, letting her know that Nipsey is still very much in love with her, but she tweeted the wrong account… You put too many people in that situation, then you lose out.” “I’m gonna say this right now, Lauren London is a very important person to me. If it’s your favorite, then it’s my favorite; I want it to be what you want it to be. I mean, if you got a lotta a**, I wanna be behind it…she’s small I might wanna pick her up.

Back in 2012 we wrote about Helen, a backup dancer (and Trey Songz ex-girlfriend), who got "engaged" (more tea on that below) to NBA Baller Terrence Williams.

It seems like the two were living in their fairytale world, going on lavish vacays and enjoying each other's company every chance they could.

Trey recently sat down with Sana G And Miss Kimmie Of 106KMEL and got pretty personal about Lauren London, his recently engaged ex boo-thang Helen, and a whole lot more. “I’m happy for her, we haven’t been together in 3 years.

She hit me up and let me know before it came out, and I told her I was happy for her.

She said, “I’m engaged,” and I was like “Wow, congratulations.” Our relationship; we cool. We are great friends and, yes we have been lovers before.

I have a lot of love for her, a lot of love for her family, and if she’s happy with a man who can do for her what I couldn’t then, that’s what she deserves.” “Three; no more than three. You know, when you put yourself in a situation like that, you gotta make sure everybody feels special. And I’m saying this right now cause I’m tired of people asking me about that sh**.” “Well, I’m really a pleaser so, it’s whatever position makes you (the woman that I’m with) most happy.